Firsthand Accounts from Winter Camp 2020

Жов 22, 2020

“Since getting back into my daily life at school with my friends and family in Toronto, I can’t stop thinking about this year’s camp and how much I still miss these kids every day. Once again, they have brought so much love to my heart. They have shown me what it means to not take things for granted and to make the best out of any situation. I can’t thank them enough for another amazing year.

I have shed many tears thinking about their reality and wishing things were different. I came home to a family waiting with open arms. I kept remembering that the children I met at camp were not experiencing the same. Many of them were going back to the front line. Knowing these children might not get a good morning hug breaks my heart. I believe that the time we spent together will never be forgotten and will impact their future.

My Winter Camp experience truly inspires me every day. Although these children have experienced trauma in the past, their positivity allows them to light up and continue to work through their hardships. With the support of Help Us Help, these children start to understand that there are a lot of people that care about their future and that they too can succeed. The dreams they have and the determination they show is what gives me so much hope for the next generation of Ukraine. They are the most selfless, strongest and humble kids you will ever meet and I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know them. So many hugs, laughs, and smiles that made the Help Us Help family so strong – I will never forget it. These kids are the new generation and we love them!”

Alyssa Martschenko
Canadian Volunteer

“На таборових майстернях  «Психологія і Я» трохи більше торкнулись душі кожної дитини. Кожен щось більше дізнався про себе завдяки вправам, іграм, спілкуванню. Знаходили сильні сторони дитини, навіть тоді, коли вона вважає, що таких немає. Говорили про власні ресурси Дуже актуальною були теми про межі особистості: для чого вони, як їх правильно виставити, як правильно говорити «ні». Як шукати вихід із здавалося б безвихідних ситуацій. Все це заради кращого взаєморозуміння із собою, з іншими людьми та із світом.”

Любава Казмірчук
Camp Psychologist